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A Sao Paulo Samba and the China 12

" matter how far you have come, the sounds of your childhood never leave you. Mariana knew the sound of a silenced gun and she ran."
A girl is kidnapped in China, only daughter of an important regional boss. China 12 send their top investigator, Milo, to find her. In Brazil, a woman is running for her life from a relentless assassin. Operatives go to rescue her.

...two of my favourites are combined in this book, Science Fiction and Crime Thriller and it is done brilliantly

Susan Hampson. GoodReads


A gripping read about a dystopian future that is all

too imaginable.

Amazon review


The China 12 Trilogy

The box set of the series from ThreeHeadsinc. A compelling thriller with action from first to last. From the 'incident' in Brazil in Sao Paulo Samba, to the case of Brancusi's Head, ending in a breathtaking finish with the Dogs of Lamu. The China 12 series is realistic Science Fiction at its best.

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